February 12, 2018

Terms & conditions


Terms & Conditions


  • We request you start your journey in time and a have a nice, safe and wonderful trip
  • We don’t have a self-drive option.
  • Toll & Parking charges are extra as per actuals.
  • All charges are from garage to garage.
  • Cancellation charges are applicable for all bookings.
  • Vahaan travels or our driver will have no liability for any goods or valuables lost from car
  • Kids above 12 years will be treated as one passenger.
  • Total number of people will be allowed as per the seating capacity of the particular vehicle. In any case, extra people will not be entertained besides specified seating capacity.
  • Pets are strictly not allowed in the vehicle.
  • Do not drop food items in the car. Additional charges are applicable.
  • We advice our drivers to drive the car safely, please do not force our drivers to drive fast this rule is for your own safety. Because we care about your journey and safety.
  • The hirer is responsible and will be held accountable for any damages caused to either the inside or the outside of the car by the client or a member of the party.
  • The company is not to be held accountable for any personal injuries or property damages arising from the misconduct of the hirer or a member of the party.
  • Underage drinking is not allowed inside the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle requires cleaning after the client has finished using it, and the mess has been caused by the client or a member of his party, the client will be held liable for the cleaning expenses
  • We strongly prohibit the use of illegal drugs or employing in any illegal activities while inside the car. Failing to comply with this may result in immediate cancellation of the contract, without any refunds.
  • For booking cars payments: 50% payments in advance and remaining balance to be paid at the end of the journey

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