Mumbai to Khandala car on rent

Mumbai to Khandala car on rent

Mumbai to Khandala car on rent blog by vahaan travels

Online Cab Booking is the most easy and exciting way to enjoy a trip to the popular Khandala Hill Station. Khandala is also one of the adventurous mountain ranges located at an altitude of about 625 m in the western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. With its attractive grassy hills, glittering lakes and extremely interesting valleys, Khandala offers stunning views of the beautiful landscape, leaving travelers with a long-lasting memory. This hill station encountered the escalation and collapse of so many kingdoms such as that of the Marathas, Peshwas and even the colonial rule of European countries.

The most preferred way to get over to Khandala is to book car rental services from Vahaan travels, because not only does it take less time, you can also enjoy the wide range of endless greens on both sides of the highway. The highway is well connected to many other cities such as Khopoli, Karjat, Talegaon, etc. The path offers plenty of restaurants and hotels along the lane, where you can stop for lunch breaks and number of ATMs, hospitals and gas stations for emergency services.

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Mumbai to Khandala car rental services

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Book outstation taxi service and just go to one of the most popular weekend trips for people from the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune. The location memorialized by the famous Bollywood hit, “Aati Kya Khandala,” is a must-see destination for all those looking for beautiful nature, good weather and a feeling of air mist. Natural beauty blossoms to its zenith and shows the mystical charm of the monsoons. Its zigzagging waterfalls and shimmering lakes give the majestic look of an imposing scenery. The Duke’s Nose peak and the Karla hills are the two popular rock climbing spots. Aside from these, there are other caves and lakes to be visited. It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax

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How to reach Mumbai to Khandala by road

Khandala is now a hill station in the Maharashtra Ghats. It is a popular tourist spot due to its low-cost access by road. One of its most popular nice vacation tourist attractions for people, Khandala is the great place to relax and chill after a busy week’s work.

The distance from Mumbai to Khandala is only 97 km. The most preferred way to get to Khandala from Mumbai is by cab or taxi. The main link between the towns of Pune and Mumbai, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, passes through Khandala.

It’s easier to leave for Khandala early in the morning on your weekends. You’ll reach your destination in just 2 hours, and you’ll have plenty of time to relax and spend with your family or friends. Being a hill station, it’s typically pretty cool and peaceful in Khandala.

There’s a major area from Mumbai to Khandala.

Route: Via Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway

  • First, get off at Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway / East Mumbai-Pune Highway in Chedda Nagar.
  • Join Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway / Mumbai-Pune Highway to AH 47 in Khandala, Lonavala.
  • Take the exit Khandala Lonavala from Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway / Mumbai Highway / Mumbai-Pandharpur Road / Mumbai-Pune Highway.
  • Then continue on AH 47 to the destination in Kune Village.
  • The road conditions between Mumbai and Khandala are very safe, although there are several dangerous curves in the Ghat section. There are also several food joints along this route.

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Best Things to Do in Khandala

For many Mumbaikars, Khandala is the ideal place to spend your vacations after Lonavala. Not only for Mumbaikars, but also for people from Pune, thanks to its convenient location, easily accessible from both of these places. Another vacation spot, Sopara is not far from here either. But Khandala has a charm of its own, and it intensifies extremely well during the monsoons.

Check out the most fun stuff to do in Khandala with our cab service, giving the locals as well as travellers a great respite in the serene surroundings.

Lohagad Fort 

Lohagad Fort has been in existence since the time when Marathas ruled this place, and Lohagad Fort is an additional proof of its lavishness. Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji during his reign, Lohagad Fort stands tall, true to its literal meaning, ‘a fort made of iron’ and used to house prisoners. Founded on a hill about 1,000 meters high, the fortress splits into three basins of the Indrayani River and Pavana Lake, and looks out into the Sahayadri ranges.

Lohagad Fort in khandala
Location: Lohagad Fort, Lohagad Trek Rd, Maharashtra 410406

Kune Waterfalls

Kune waterfalls are a wonderful option, and enjoying a peaceful day for the waterfalls is one of most enjoyable practices in Khandala. Perched at a height of 200 meters, it is the 14th highest waterfall in India. These waterfalls are divided into two sections and are surrounded by thick green forests. A few minutes away from the waterfalls is the Kune Church, which travelers can visit on their way to the waterfalls.

Kune Waterfalls in khandala
Location: Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410301

Bhushi Lake

Falling on the route to Lonavala, planning a picnic around Bhushi Lake is one of the top things to do in Khandala Lonavala with our car booking service. The lake is located next to the Bhushi Dam and is the perfect place to relax with friends and family. Being an ideal weekend getaway, it’s a perfect escape for those travelers who want to spend some quiet time in the middle of nature.

Bhushi Lake in khandala
Location: Khandala, Lonavala, India

The Tiger’s Leap

The Tiger’s Leap is a famous view in Khandala, where you can see panoramic views of the breathtaking Sahyadri hills. It is also known as the echo spot, and there is also a small waterfall that must be visited during the monsoon season. For those who are looking for interesting things to do in Khandala with our car rental service, a trip to Tiger’s Leap will surely revitalise your spirits.

The Tiger’s Leap in khandala
Location: Khandala, Lonavala, India

The Bhaja And Karla Caves

Located a little far from the heart of Khandala, visiting the caves of Karla and Bhaja is one of the most remarkable things to do in Khandala with our cab service. These are basically temples established in the Buddhist style of architecture. Lord Buddha’s carvings are represented on all the walls and pillars of the caves, while these caves also get their own “Vihara” and “Chaitya” used by the monks for their prayers.

The Bhaja And Karla Caves in khandala
Location: Bhaje Caves Road, at Bhaja Village , Lonavala, 412106

Duke’s Nose

The Duke ‘s nose is a popular tourist spot that every traveler in Khandala visits. This famous view is known for its eerie similarity to the Duke of Wellington ‘s nose. This mountain highest point is widely known for adventure activities such as trekking and rock climbing, even when travelers can also set out early in the morning to enjoy a peaceful walk greenery.

Duke’s Nose in khandala
Location: Duke’s Nose Trail, Chavani, Maharashtra 410402


Khandala is best known for its mountain ranges of different patterns, since it is a common experience between many travelers to continue driving towards the Tiger leap to be able to visit the Shiv Linga rock. Commonly referred to as the “Swayambhu,” it is located throughout the great and powerful hills of the Sahyadri range. For those who are looking for interesting stuff to do in Khandala with our car rental company, visit Shiv Linga and enjoy some drinks and food at the top while admiring the scenery.

Shivlinga in khandala

Shooting Point

The Khandala Shooting Point is the most popular spot in this beautiful hill station. Famous for some of its serene beauty and picturesque views, most of the movies and television series have been shown to have been shot at this particular attraction. Visiting a shooting spot is one of the smartest ways to do in Khandala with our car booking service as it makes the town a great off-beat holiday destination.

Shooting Point in khandala
Location: Kurvande, Maharashtra 410401

Rajmachi Fort

Located between Lonavala and Khandala, there is a small town called Rajmachi, home to the famous Rajmachi Fort. Embarking for a short trip to the Rajmachi Fort is one of the ideal things to do in Khandala Lonavala with our car rental services. This fort stands on two mountain peaks, namely Manaranjan and Shrivardhan, from where you can trek all the way up to the fort. From the top of the fort, you can enjoy scenic views of other hill resorts, such as Lonavala, Karnala, Matheran, and Duke’s Nose.

Rajmachi Fort in khandala
Location: Village Udhewadi, Khandala, Lonavala 410401, India

Lion’s Point

Located between Bhushi Dam and the Aamby Valley of Lonavala, Lion ‘s Point is a great tourist attraction to visit near Khandala. Being a tiny village, Khandala is surrounded by such exquisite views, from where you’ll see the beauty of waterfalls, lush green hills and lakes.

Lion’s Point in khandala
Location: Lonavala – Aamby Valley Road, Dattawadi Road, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401

Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort in Khandala was among the most emblematic tourist destinations to explore in Maharashtra. Since the place is very seldom crowded, you can unveil the outstanding elegance of the majestic fort that is quite popular among thrill-seekers. Perched at an altitude of 1084 meters above sea level, Visapur Fort amazing views of the thick green western Ghats. The fort was developed in the early 18th century by the first Maratha Peshwa, Balaji Vishwanath.

visapur fort in khandala
Location: Malavli, Maharashtra 410406

Shrivardhan Fort

Shrivardhan Fort, a place known for offering a mesmerizing view of the Sahyadri region, was once used as a watchtower. The fort is situated in the village of Rajmachi and its proximity to Manoranjan Fort makes it a popular attraction for tourists staying in Khandala. The fort displays the architecture of the Maratha style and also includes a cave of the Buddhist era.

shrivardhan fort in khandala
Location: Rajmachi Village, Maharashtra


What’s the best time to visit Khandala?

Due to its altitude, Khandala can be visited with our cab service at any time of the year. The weather is exciting throughout; however, the Monsoon season from July to September is an excellent time to experience its mesmerizing beauty. The entire village looks beautiful in dense greenery with occasional rainfall that’s refreshing. Khandala has very waterfalls that are incredibly picturesque meandering around thick forests. Another perfect season to visit this hill town is to escape the heat during the summers (April-June).

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